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Getting started on the 5:2 Diet is easy and by just following the 3 steps below, you can avoid some of the common pitfalls that cause people to give up before reaching their goal.

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Step 2: Plan

Create your own meal plan and get started on the right foot. Planning out your days will prepare you mentally and physically for your fasting days

Step 3: Take Action!

Focus and stay healthy on the 5:2 diet. Set realistic goals and focus on making it happen. Make sure you monitor your progress to see the positive outcome!

Understanding the 5:2 diet

The 5:2 diet is…

An intermittent fasting diet, where you eat normally for five days during the week and fast on two days (non consecutive days). On these 2 fasting days the amount of calories you are recommended is 25% of your normal recommended daily intake. (Usually ~ 500cal). Easy to stick to as you have total control over which days you would like to fast.

The 5:2 Diet is NOT…

A quick weight loss diet or program, neither is it your typical fat, calorie or carb counting diet. The 5:2 fasting diet, in general, has no restrictions on what type or amounts of food you take and has been proven to work due to it’s flexibility and sustainability.

The 5:2 diet is your path towards a healthier life, promoting longevity. Weight loss is considered a bonus and is usually gradual, so if you are after a quick or fast weight loss diet, it may not be for you.

What to expect while doing the 5:2 Diet

The first 2 weeks…

Getting started on any diet can be hard due to changes you have to make in your eating habits and the 5:2 diet is no different in that aspect. Most agree that the first 2 weeks of the 5:2 diet are probably the hardest. You have to set your self up physically and mentally. Putting your body through a drastic change on your fasting days will obviously cause your body to react. The following symptoms have been observed to occur when first starting out on the 5:2 diet:

• Headaches – you can get headaches during ANY diet due to one or more of the following reasons: low blood sugar, intake of artificial sweeteners, caffeine withdrawal, still pushing yourself to exercise as normal or not drinking enough water.

• Hunger – You are bound to get hungry because you are obviously fasting, but just remember you only have to do this for a day and then you can eat normally again tomorrow, there is no harm in starving yourself for a day

• Cranky and restless – your body is getting less energy from foods, you will be feeling more tired than usual. It’s normal and reaching for that packet of packet of chips or cake will surely make you happier but only temporarily because I’m sure after you finish it, you’ll be even more angry with yourself for lack of self control 🙂

• Cold – It is predicted that you “feeling cold” is due to the fact that more blood circulation is required around the stomach area when fasting. This can lead to lower blood circulating to other parts of your body such as hands and feet and thus causing you to feel colder.

One Month…

Usually by one month you would have experienced a rapid decrease in weight which over the last week may have seem to stall a bit. This is all white normal as studies reveal that initial weight loss during the first 2 weeks of a diet can fluctuate due to water retention and the weight you lose is mainly water weight. You need to understand that when you cut calories from your diet all of a sudden your body responds by burning glycogen that is stored in your body. This glycogen is predominantly made up of water. Don’t feel dismay though, you will continue to lose weight as long as you continue with the diet, it just won’t be as “quick”.

After a month…

After being on the 5:2 diet for a month, the fasting days will become easier to handle. You should also have a “6th sense” of what to eat and how many calories are contained in most foods. The “average” weight loss for someone on the 5:2 diet is about 1 pound a week. You should continue the 5:2 diet at least until you reach your goal or even see the benefits and continue on it indefinitely, some people even change over and fast just one day a week to help maintain weight and health benefits.

Research has shown that the 5:2 diet also helps your general well being such as reducing risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Develop your own Plan and strategy

Once you’ve gotten over the initial hurdle and settled down, try creating a routine for yourself. For example, I altered my 5:2 diet a bit and instead of 5:2, I just kept a simple pattern of two days normal and then a fasting day. That way I don’t have to keep a track of the days as much and no excuses (like changing the days) if I stick to this pattern. You can create your own tweak to the 5:2 diet to suit your self, some people I know even just do 4:3 where they just alternate the days.

In addition, staying on the 5:2 diet can be made more easier once you start getting into things, creating your own list of recipes and favorite foods. It’s not just a weight loss diet but a diet for better health and longevity, so change your way of eating for the better!

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