My name is Elizabeth Andrews and after having 2 children, my weight gain after having the kids decide it wanted to stay permanently, as is the case with most mothers that I know.

I have been on countless diets and exercise regimes and decided to develop this site out of passion for the one diet that allowed me to lose 5 kg of post baby fat and get back into my pre-pregnant clothes in a span of about 3 months. Now, 12 months later I have still been able to maintain my weight, eat what I want (on most occasions) and enjoy life thanks to the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet.

I want to use this site to help people understand the 5:2 diet, set up a 5:2 diet plan for themselves and take one step closer to losing weight and enjoy their life too!

I’m not a trained dietician, nutritionist or trainer, however, I do have a degree in health science and have spent many years reading books, journals and research articles on weight loss and nutrition. I followed these facts, along with the 5:2 diet, to achieve my weight loss goal and now I want to share my experience with you.

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